Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover cover

Curiosity is a Mars Rover. It is the size of a car and has six wheels that can handle all terrain. This special robot was created to explore the planet Mars’ surfaces while using its built in laboratory to test the rocks and minerals of the planet to find evidence of life on Mars. It launched from Earth in 2011, and since landing on Mars in 2012 it has been exploring the Red Planet.

Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover is author and illustrator Markus Motum’s first picture book. This informational story communicates the details of the mission by telling the story from the rover’s point of view. The font ranges in size and color, which contrasts with the background of the full-page illustrations. Motum uses dark, earthy colors in his digital illustration, which features geometric elements that feel futuristic and familiar. This rich palette complements the landscapes he creates to highlight the majesty of space and the Mars Rover’s mission. Readers see Curiosity rocketing through space and traversing sand colored peaks researching the planet in Motum’s illustrations. The research Motum has done is present in the diagrams and illustrations, text, and endnotes. The diagram featuring Curiosity’s landing on Mars, breaks down each step against the two-page illustration. Readers will enjoy learning about this mission, and can imagine what space exploration is still to come.

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