In a fantastical city where witches are burned at the stake – Lou finds herself living on the streets, suppressing her powers, and doing everything she can to stay away from her coven. Reid, a solider of the church, has spent his entire life hunting witches. When the two of them get tangled into a circumstance that leaves them married, neither of them are ready for it. Lou has to do everything she can to not be discovered, and Reid must deal with his wife’s outspoken attitude and how it reflects on him. The two of them must learn to deal with one another and hidden secrets that put them both at risk. 

This refreshing dual narrative gives the reader an inside look at both sides of the story, which is nonetheless humorous at times. The lack of world building makes this story easy to follow and the setting is still fleshed out enough to feel sustainable. Heavy character webbing can be a lot to keep track of at times, but each character appearance does seem to hold importance. The main plot follows Lou and Reid as they navigate being married, but the subplot of the battle between witches and the kingdom doesn’t ever feel lost or out of balance. Done in three parts, the first two parts are heavy in internal conflict. Part three is where all the external conflict comes to head and brings the story full circle. A romantic fantasy that will be sure to hook readers who enjoy either genre.

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