A train moves steadily through the night heading for a station. Once it arrives, a fantastical crew of animals load each car with freight. This train is more than just a steam train, it is a dream train, and the freight it carries is all the wonderful moments of days past and hopes for the new day. As the crew finishes stowing blocks, balls and paint, they too settle down, for their next stop is the next day. 

Sherri Duskey Rinker, author of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, delivers another lyrical bedtime story for young readers and train enthusiasts. Rinker’s rhythmic text lines the page in a crisp white font that stands out on the deep blues of  the drawings created by illustrator Tom Lichtenheld. The proper names for the train cars are emphasized in a bold font, as Lichtenheld’s watercolor and pencil drawings capture and soften the details of each train car, its cargo, and crew. Licktenheld’s illustrations capture the lulling cadence of  Rinker’s verses with the sapphire blue tones of a starry night sky, soft texturing, and darkened color palette. As the crew settles in for a ride towards a new dawn, readers sharing this story are reminded to tuck themselves in tight and dream of a new tomorrow.  

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