Hats Are Not For Cats! cover

A fancy dog with a strong sense of fashion etiquette teaches a cat a thing or two about hats. One thing he is very adamant about: hats are not for cats, at all! But then, the cat realizes something…hats are for cats! In fact, hats are for everyone. When the cat brings in turtles, bunnies, more cats, and more dogs to model hats of all shapes and sizes, the dog realizes that the cat was right all along.

A wonderful read for adults and early readers alike, this book draws the reader in with wonderful illustrations and pleasant rhymes. With a light-hearted subject like hats, Rayner creates the room for conversation about inclusion and acceptance that young readers can more easily understand. “Hats are for everyone!” With patience and kindness, Cat reminds Dog that everyone can wear hats! The message of friendship and sharing is also evident in the story, and a sweet addition to the already funny tale. The watercolor illustrations add both a touch of silliness and lightness to this tale, and adds an extra element of discussion for young readers. The perfectly timed rhymes of the lines in the book make this an ideal bedtime, storytime, or fun-time read for readers of all ages and skills!

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