Reluctant new parent Bruce the bear returns with his gaggle of goslings in this board book, Peek-a-Bruce. Bruce is looking for a place to spend a quiet moment away from the gosling. He does not want to play today. Unfortunately for Bruce, his search turns into a rambunctious game of Hide and Seek.

Author and Illustrator, Ryan T. Higgins, has created another humorous and interactive story to add to his Mother Bruce series. Higgins’ digital illustrations are enhanced by strategic texturing, which adds depth to the bright color palette. The antics of the playful goslings and growly Bruce are told using a series of short sentences, in a clean and easy to read font. The text is either in black or white depending on the background, which helps with clarity and complements the illustrations. The illustrations often fill two pages and lighthearted details enrich the humor of this story and soften Bruce’s crusty exterior. For example, on one page a gosling squirts water from its bill after joining Bruce in the tub. Highlighting these details, while helping readers spot Bruce, heightens the fun and encourages visual thinking. Readers of all ages will enjoy joining in this game of Hide and Seek.

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