The Castle on Sunset : Life, Death, Love, Art, and Scandal at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont cover

The Sunset Strip is famous in Los Angeles, but how much do we really know about one of its most iconic and storied buildings? From Jean Harlow’s taking of lovers, the overdose of John Belushi, Lindsay Lohan getting kicked out after racking up $50,000 in charges in two months, and much more in-between, Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont has been a favored spot for celebrities and a hot-spot for locals and tourists alike. First built as an apartment house in 1929, and then turned into a hotel in 1932, the Chateau has seen a change in ownership five times, each time with a significant upgrade. Hollywood stars, including Marilyn Monroe, Howard Hughes, Greta Garbo, Vivien Leigh, Jim Morrison, Johnny Depp, and many more, have favored the Chateau because of the privacy that it has held. To this day, the hotel restaurant menus ask to please refrain from taking photographs. But in this book, Shawn Levy sheds some light on on some of the escapades and drama that have gone on inside the walls.

It is always interesting to me to hear about what goes on behind Hollywood’s closed doors. Present day, with paparazzi, and everything online within seconds, it is much easier to hear about what is happening in the world of celebrities. But this book gives a great background into what went on before tabloids and Twitter, when Hollywood tried to keep their secrets close. This is a greatly researched book and if you are interested in the stories and drama of Hollywood and its stars, this is a great read for you.

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