Ted uses his imagination and a cardboard box to zip around in a race car, explore the oceans, and visit the moon- all before lunch. This interactive board book is part of a series that features the imaginative Ted and large, lift-able flaps that encourage exploration and the development of  fine motor skills in our littlest readers. 

 Author and illustrator Sophy Henn has crafted lyrical short sentences that feature a repeating call and response, for example, “Let’s go, Ted! Why are you sitting in a box?”  “I’m not, says Ted. Can’t you see… I’m whizzing along in my speedy race car.” This pattern appeals to beginning readers and makes the most out of the lift-able flaps. The black font is highlighted by the bold jewel toned backgrounds and speech bubbles. Henn’s digitally painted illustrations feature prominent line-work and contrasting colors that draw attention to the repetition found in the depiction of  Ted and his box.  As the story advances, readers see Ted re-purpose his box from page to page. Whimsical details, like the stuffed tiger hiding in a pile of blocks, are charming additions to Henn’s straightforward illustrations, and capture the spirit of playtime. Before starting playtime, enjoy this book together!

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