On The Road  is another addition to the series Let’s STEP Books to Grown On by Madeleine Deny. Young readers are introduced to familiar vehicles: a motorcycle, cop car, and a bus, to name a few. Each illustrated vehicle is featured on a graduated page.  The successive pages increase in length, creating a stepping effect, which plays on the series’ title. Each vehicle features an animal driver and usually some silly-looking animal passengers A great example of this is the page featuring the minivan, which includes a short statement,  “Everybody In! There’s room for the whole family in a minivan.”  The text enhances the illustration of a minivan filled with animal passengers.

Author Madeleine Deny keeps the sentences short and informative. Choice words are bolded drawing the reader’s eye; a familiar tool to highlight vocabulary. The exclamations that begin each page, like “Zip Zip,”  are playful additions to the vehicle definitions. The font feels contemporary and complements the digital illustrations. Illustrator Patrick Morize’s bright color palette adds flare to the illustrations, while details, like the Alligator’s smiling face by the truck, create depth. The overall format of the book adds dimension to young readers’ experience of the illustrations, but also their manipulation of is unique pages.  A fun and informative read for young readers who like to explore.

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