Jessica Jones is a hard-drinking private eye in New York City, trying to forget her past and pay her rent.  She spends her days tracking down cheating spouses, spying on just about everyone, and throwing boots at her ceiling when the neighbors wake her up.  But when her past returns to her present and brings trouble along for the ride, Jessica is determined to find justice for those who’ve been wronged without repeating the mistakes she’s made before.

Jessica Jones is another Marvel endeavor, set in the same universe as The Avengers and featuring Luke Cage (don’t worry if you don’t know who that is).  Jones is tied in with these other superheroes’ stories, yet stands alone without losing viewers who are uninitiated or undereducated.  This first season is action-packed, plot-driven, serious, and sometimes recalls the gritty glamour of film noir from the ‘40s and ‘50s, but with less glamour and more grit.  Lots more grit.  The humor is dark, the images are gruesome, and death is no stranger.  Though a compelling character, some might say Jones is prone to whining, and she is something of a stereotype: clad in a leather jacket, boots, and snark, she’s brooding, guarded, and too friendly with whiskey, but also fiercely loyal and led by a strong moral compass.  The major story arc in this season sometimes feels stretched to its limits, which contributes to a bleak tone in later episodes.  Fortunately, while Jessica may have super strength, she isn’t the only strong character, and these other figures and their narratives help carry the viewers through.  The 13-episode season ends with a clear conclusion to the overarching plot, and this is a good stopping point if you just can’t take Jessica’s attitude anymore.  However, if you want more answers, there are enough intriguing loose ends left to fuel further seasons without eternally rehashing the same territory.

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