If you are a fan of PBS and have been able to view even one episode of America’s Test Kitchen, you probably realize how seriously the chefs and staff take the preparation of a recipe to produce a satisfying result; it’s well worth the time spent.

The new addition to their award-winning books is “The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook” and is  comprehensive in the selection of 500 recipes in categories ranging from Tapas and Small Plates to the Fruits and Sweets at the end of the meal—a total of 12 chapters to enjoy. Scattered throughout are the full color photographs which can heighten a selection of a certain recipe just by paging through and viewing the appetizing finish product!

Of particular help to the home cook are the lists of variations to a recipe that can be easily made to incorporate personal tastes with different ingredients. Helpful hints and “how to” perform a technique, (such as pounding a chicken breast to even thickness), are almost a trademark for the Test Kitchen chefs, who love to share their knowledge and skill.

I couldn’t resist trying the “Orzo with Shrimp, Feta and Lemon” for dinner, which was easy to prep and cook. The family was most appreciative of the menu for a mid-week dinner! The taste was delightfully fresh with the lemon overtones and saltiness of the Kalamata olives, which was paired with a crisp white wine. It was a delicious selection to try, and there are a few others that will be prepared in the near future.

If you are thinking of adding a cookbook to your kitchen shelf, ”The Mediterranean Cookbook” may be the one for you.  The colorful cover of this book can make your mouth water, but a test of one of the recipes could produce an amazing meal for you and others to enjoy!

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