As Chief Official White House photographer, Pete Souza accompanied President Obama every step of the way from inauguration day until the final moments when the president left the Oval Office for the last time after his term. Obama: An Intimate Portrait is breathtaking in its honesty and recaptures the hope of the American people. The book captures moments as if Souza’s eyes are the camera, eager to commit every sight to history.

In one photo we see President Obama in his first year in office bending down to the height of a young African-American boy. Standing in the Oval Office in his suit and tie while visiting the White House with his parents, the boy touches the president’s hair in curiosity and admiration. Mr. Souza fills the reader in on this moment, explaining that the boy was interested in President Obama’s hair because it was much like his own. Instantly, readers see a symbolic moment taking form: a man that looks much like the boy has become one of the most powerful and well-respected people in the country, if not the world.

Page by page, the photographs inspire awe, offering an insight into the president’s daily life. Meanwhile readers may be tricked into feeling as if he or she actually witnessed first hand the historic and sometimes mundane events that took place. A good edition to any history or photography collection, Obama: An Intimate Portrait is well worth the tears and admiration sure to come.

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