Making friends can be a challenge, especially if you have a temper and are a legendary sea monster. Kraken is lonely; all the other fish are scared of him. Even disguised, Kraken cannot make friends. One day, Kraken spots another ferocious fish, Great White Shark, who is surrounded by his fish friends. If the Great White Shark can make friends, maybe Kraken can too, especially if Great White Shark shares his rules for making friends. Will these friendship tips help the Kraken find a pal to call his own?

Brittany Jacobs’ comic style illustrations, specifically Kraken and Shark’s exaggerated facial expressions and gestures, add levity to a story about friendship, being yourself, and the struggle to belong. A great example of this is Shark’s rule number “SHARE!”  Here Jacobs adds amusing details; while Shark is sharing beach balls, Kraken is sharing great piles of sand, bones, and pirate loot, scaring the other fish. The text capturing Shark’s rules of friendship is enlarged and bold, highlighting their importance to the story, while the illustrations help demonstrate how to be a good friend. The story’s hopeful ending leaves readers feeling good, as Shark and Kraken share a hug.  This story is sure to please readers during a one-on-one storytime.

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