In Secrets of the Apple Tree, written by Carron Brown and illustrated by Alyssa Nassner, the reader is invited to exercise their power of observation to discover the wonders hidden in, around, and under a tree. The text is simple and therefore great for young children and readers with short attention spans, yet still contains some educational facts. The really clever and fun aspect of this Shine-a-Light book is that if you hold a flashlight behind a page, or hold a page up to a bright light, you can see what is hiding in, under, or behind the object.

One page asks who will eat the worm that a bird is carrying to the tree in its beak. Shine a light behind the page, and now you see a nest of baby birds that was hidden among the leaves.

I’ve shared these books successfully with small groups of children from Preschool through Grade 2. They would be great for one-on-one sharing too! It may be difficult for a young child to manage holding both the book and a flashlight by themselves, so I recommend reading together.

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