• A black and white raster image (JPG, PNG, GIF, ect)
  • Silhouette Studio (download)

Convert your raster image into a Silhouette cut file

  1. Open Silhouette Studio.
  2. Load your image file (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc) in one of three ways: go to FileOpen and select your image; or go to FileMerge and select image; or import the image to your library and double click to add to project.


  3. Set the page size and display settings. more
    1. Open the Design Page Settings silhouettestudio_designpagesettings panel from the upper right corner.
    2. Set Page Size to the size of your cardstock, either using the sliders or entering the dimensions directly.


    3. Set Cutting Mat to Cameo 12 x 12”.


    4. Check Show Cut Border. Make sure your entire design fits within the cutting area, indicated with a red box. If it doesn’t, select the entire design, and move or scale it to fit.


  4. Open the Trace cameo_tracingicon window from the upper right.
  5. Click Select Trace Area. Your cursor will change to crosshairs when hovering over the image.


  6. Click and drag to create a rectangle encompassing the entire image.


  7. Uncheck both the High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter if they are selected.


  8. Adjust the Threshhold slider until the entire positive area of the image (the part you want to cut out and keep) is highlighted in yellow but NOT the negative space (the part to be discarded).


  9. Under Apply Trace Method, click Trace Outer Edge for solid shapes or Trace for more complicated images with internal negative space.


  10. Your image will now appear to revert to the normal, unhighlighted mode. To see the tracing results, which are outlined in red, click on the original image and drag it off to the side. If the red outline looks correct, you can delete the original image. The Silhouette will use the red path as the cut line.