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Home Activities: Teens

Our librarians have gathered resources and suggestions for keeping boredom at bay!

También hemos reunido recursos en Español para usted.

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Be Creative

Writing in journal


  • Try a daily writing challenge or writing prompts.
  • Rewrite the ending to a story or movie.
  • Start a memoir, write jokes, a short story, or a comic strip.
  • Try blackout poetry or write your own poem.
  • Start a Journal.
  • Resources:
    • Underlined – Specially tailored for the teen reader/writer, a community dedicated to reading and writing stories online.
    • Teen Ink – Writing magazine written for teens by teen.
    • Writing Tips for Tweens – Get advice and tips from bestselling and award-winning authors to help you get started.

Teen girl drawing portrait


Pasta ingredients


  • Look for a new recipe that sounds tasty and make a meal. AtoZ Food America has many recipes.
  • Bake a cake, cupcakes, or cookies, and get creative with your decorating.
  • Share pictures with family and friends! You can even have an online contest with friends by sharing pictures and voting on your favorites.
  • See how to make Monster Cookies in this video by Teen Librarian Alyssa.

Teen boy taking photo


  • Reorganize your room!
    • Craft something new for your wall.
    • De-clutter.
    • Paint if it’s OK with your adults.
  • Learn something new – a braid, a craft technique, how to fix your bike, etc.
    • Hobbies and Crafts Resource Center – A great resource to get you inspired and help you learn.
    • Learn some new camera techniques and practice taking and editing photos.
    • – A great resource to get you inspired and help you learn.
  • Play Games:
    • Create your own board game or card game.
    • Learn a new card game
    • Play virtual games with your friends
  • Build a fort.
  • Watch WPL Teen Youtube videos to see more things you can do.

Spidey enjoying the sun

Be Active

  • Set up an obstacle course in your house or your yard. Time family members as they make their way through the course to see who is the fastest. Change up the course and do it again!
  • Make a conditioning plan for yourself – write down each exercise and how many repetitions you want to try. Mix it up each day so you don’t get bored!
  • Put on your favorite music and dance!
  • Try yoga:
    • Try a series of yoga poses a day. Add in a new pose every couple of days.
    • Meditate
  • Enjoy time outside:
    • Go for a walk, a run, or ride your bike. Download music or an audiobook to listen while you exercise.
    • Go to a forest preserve
    • Bird watch
    • Walk a new route in your neighborhood

Big brain meme

Keep Learning

  • Brainfuse—Need help with homework? Teachers are available online to help you with this resource from the Library’s Digital Branch.
  • Scholastic Learn at Home—Videos, activities, articles, and games to satisfy your curiosity.
  • NASA STEM @ home – Fun Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activities for students and the whole family.
  • Virtual Museum Tours Tour some of the world’s most famous museums virtually.
  • Mango Languages – Practice your language lessons, or learn something new.
  • Learning Express Library  – Test prep for the ACT or SAT.
  • TED ED – TED Talks and animated videos for teens.
  • Wide Open School – A free collection of online learning experiences, pulled together by Common Sense Media educators.
  • Activism – Wondering how to make a difference during these times? This link provides information about different activism topics and how to get involved.
  • Teen COVID-19 Resource Guide – Explore a collection of media and books to learn more about topics you care about.

Teen girl reading comics

Keep Reading


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