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Westmont Public Seed Library

A Unique Way To Unite The Community

What is a Seed Library?

A seed library provides a free resource for avid gardeners and those interested in pursuing gardening. Our seed library is packed with various species of seeds native to the Westmont area.

To begin your gardening, visit the Westmont Public Seed Library, located on the first floor of the library, where you can pick up your seed packets. Feel free to browse the various gardening books chosen to help you being planting. Once you have planted your seeds, we would love to hear about your progress! Email us at [email protected].

After the harvest, check out some of the seed saving books available. Harvest your seeds for future gardeners…and maybe donate some back to the Seed Library! We’ve made it easy to record all the details for future gardeners—grab an empty seed packet, fill in the details, and return it to any Librarian or staff member!

Now that you know how it works, you can begin enjoying your new hobby! Happy gardening!

Why should you garden?

Benefits of Gardening

  • Exposure to vitamin D increases the calcium levels in the body.
  • It helps reduce stress.
  • It provides aerobic exercise.
  • You will produce more fresh and nutritious food.
  • It provides a sense of accomplishment.
  • You will be preserving rare seeds that have years upon years of genetic history.

Tips for Beginners

  • If you are new to gardening, start with the tier 1 plants: beans, peas, tomatoes, or lettuce.
  • Know that each plant is different and will require varied amounts of care.
  • Make sure to space your seeds properly in order to prevent them from cross pollinating.
  • All plants require different seed harvesting techniques. Three tips for seed harvesting and saving: know what to grow, plan accordingly, and know how to harvest your seeds.

For more information, ask a Librarian or consult any of our seed saving and gardening reference collection.

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