Frank and Bean cover

Frank and Bean have two very different personalities yet form a friendship and partnership, reminiscent of the unlikely pairing of Frog and Toad. Moody Frank likes resting in peace and quiet so he can write in his secret notebook. Energetic Bean disturbs the tranquility with his loud bus and trumpet playing. Will Frank be able to break out of his comfort zone to help Bean find words for his music? The comedy of misunderstood dialogue between the two is paired with lively, colorful cartoon illustrations that take the word play a step further. The facial expressions on the anthropomorphic food characters and funny details in their surroundings add humor to the four short and highly illustrated chapters.

Written for the newly independent reader who is almost ready for chapter books, Frank and Bean would also make a funny read aloud for preschool through early grade school children. The story conveys the message that an unlikely pairing can lead to something positive if each can celebrate the other’s strengths.

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