The Grace of Wild Things by Heather Fawcett cover

Join Grace, a 12-year-old witch, on her journey from the orphanage to a new life full of magic and adventure. Escaping the dreary orphanage, Grace meets Miss Puddlestone, a witch rumored to be quite fearsome. Undeterred by the rumors, Grace bravely offers her help to Miss Puddlestone, hoping to learn more about magic in return. Their friendship doesn’t start smoothly, with Miss Puddlestone initially hesitant to take Grace under her wing. However, after a hilarious mishap involving a giant oven, they become unlikely friends. To prove herself, Grace must master the spells in Miss Puddlestone’s grimoire, showcasing her potential for magic.

Set on the picturesque Prince Edward Island, this story is brimming with humor and excitement. Like Anne of Green Gables, Grace has a deep love for nature and poetry, making her adventures even more enchanting. With its magical twists and turns, this delightful tale pays homage to a timeless classic in a fun and engaging way!

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