Good Night, Irene cover

Good Night, Irene is a story of survival, camaraderie and courage that leaves readers cheering until the end.  It is an inspiring novel written by Luis Alberto Urrea, and it is based on events from his mother’s life.  This New York Times bestseller is a story that celebrates the power of friendship, while giving readers a taste of the experience of the  turbulent events from World War II.  

As the story begins, the main characters, Irene Woodward and Dorothy Dunford, meet as they begin their journey to be “Donut Dollies.”   These Red Cross workers are tasked with bringing coffee, doughnuts and good company to the soldiers fighting in World War II.  Throughout the novel, we learn so much about actual historical events of World War II, as well as the life of soldiers fighting in the war.  Irene and Dorothy work together in the Red Cross’s Clubmobile, uplifting the spirits of the soldiers.  These two forge a friendship that is as strong as that of most sisters, while navigating dangerous scenarios of war.  Readers will be surprised by the ending, which is unexpected and also uplifting.

If you enjoyed the characters and plot of Good Night, Irene, then you are sure to love the book Beantown Girls by Jane Healey.  The main characters in Beantown Girls also work on the Red Cross’s Clubmobile during World War II, and experience much of the same camaraderie and strong friendship like Irene and Dorothy.  If you enjoy the survival adventures of World War II events, and the courageous ways women fought for freedom and become heroes, then you will enjoy The Flight Girls by Noelle Salazar.  You can also enjoy more storytelling in the style of Luis Alberto Urrea by reading his novels The House of Broken Angels and The Hummingbird’s Daughter.  All of these books promise to be page-turners and will leave you feeling inspired.

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