Dreamers cover

Yuyi and her son leave Mexico and travel to the United States. They are welcomed in a language not yet their own and have to learn and discover many new things. As they traverse the city, walking thousands of steps, they discover the library. At the library, they are growing together, learning to read and write and strengthen their voices. The library was a free and welcoming place to explore the unimaginable. Grounded in love, they grew, not yet realizing what they would become in the future.

A simple summary of Dreamers by Yuyi Morales, just skims the surface of this rich memoir. Morales has crafted lyrical verses that create a unique cadence that captures the hope and love present in the face of new challenges. The large font stands out against the earth tones of Morales’ color palette.  The illustrations span two pages and are a collage of realistic images and Morales’ creations. Like the poetry of her words, the images in the collages find a balance and harmony, while adding depth to this bilingual memoir. Spanish and English words are intermingled, but no glossary is needed; both languages support each other and words like amor, caminantes and soñadores are understood by readers because of the vibrant illustrations and verse.  Morales’ memoir is more than a migrant’s tale; it is a reflection on hope, love, and dreams that transcends the individual.

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