Amal Unbound tells the story of a twelve year old girl growing up in a small village in Pakistan. As the oldest in her family, it falls to Amal to stay home to care for the house while her mother recovers from childbirth. It is Amal’s duty to forego schooling in order to take care of her sisters.  It is Amal’s duty to stay silent, even in the face of injustice. However, it is Amal’s resistance to these responsibilities that leaves her indebted to the corrupt family in the village. After accidentally insulting one of the family members, Amal has to leave her home and work on the family’s estate as punishment for the disrespectful display in town. While the story covers sensitive topics regarding indentured servitude, and familial structures, it ultimately offers a hopeful message while revealing the empowerment that comes from young girls’ access to education and opportunity.

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