“Even in the future, the story begins with Once Upon a Time.”
― Marissa Meyer, Cinder

Cinder is a cyborg, marginalized by society for things out of her control. Her best friend, Iko, is an android. They spend most of their time in Cinder’s mechanic shop and avoiding Cinder’s stepmother and stepsisters. Its in this mechanic shop that she meets Prince Kaito, the Crown Prince of the Eastern Commonwealth who happens to be incredibly handsome and charming. While the country battles a deadly plague and a possible alliance with Luna, the Moon country, Cinder learns more about her past, her beginnings as a cyborg, a plot to kill Prince Kai, and her forbidden feelings for him.

With this first installment in the Lunar Chronicles Quartet, Meyer creates a futuristic world where humans and other beings must learn to coexist. As the name suggests, this story is modeled after the Cinderella fairytale. While the plot does not deviate from a traditional Cinderella story, and may therefore be predictable for some readers, Meyer brings it to life with originality, hilarity, and a brand new spin. A worthy read for both experienced and new readers, Cinder will quickly win the hearts of fairytale lovers.



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