The DATA Set is a group of three Latino second graders known for their interest in science and engineering. This first book in the series finds the friends going house to house raising money for a field trip to the science museum. The plot certainly lives up to the acronym of Danger, Action, Trouble, and Adventure, when they meet the neighborhood mad scientist, Dr Bunsen. He is working on perfecting a growth ray device which has the unintended consequence of bringing some toy animals to life. The friends learn how to take care of their new “pets”, but when the animals start to grow and escape into the neighborhood, the DATA Set has some work to do! This story is more science fiction than real science, but it still depicts plenty of creativity and problem solving.

Appealing black and white drawings on almost every page support the text. Large font and a limited number of sentences per page make it accessible for beginning readers. With a fast moving plot and plenty of dialogue and humor, this story also works well as a read aloud. As if the cliffhanger wasn’t enough, the opening pages of the next book in the series are included, enticing the reader to continue with the further adventures of the DATA Set.

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