Luis is a handsome, unofficial fire cat who roams the streets with an abundance of food and love. Tabitha is a beautiful, sophisticated indoor cat who eats nothing but the best on comfy couches. Somehow, by chance, they fall in love at first sight through Tabitha’s window, and each night Tabitha’s owner chases Luis away. In love, downcast, and determined, Luis comes back every night to see Tabitha and win her owner’s approval. Every night, she sends him away. With the help of his alley cat friends, Luis concocts a plan to fool Tabitha’s owner. When that doesn’t work, his last chance at winning her is through his triumphant act of heroism. 

Full of gorgeous illustrations that truly convey the feelings of love, adoration, sadness, and determination with the flick of a tail or a twinkle in the eye, Luis and Tabitha is sure to capture the heart and imagination of any reader. The characters are adorable and whimsical and draw the reader into their stores and cat lives. The pacing of the book also makes it a great selection for someone wanting to practice their words and reading aloud, While this is a fantastic book for a child, it is an equally enjoyable read for adults – especially lovers of cats and romance! 

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