I am So Brave! cover

Large pets, deep swimming pools, loud truck horns, being in the dark, and saying goodbye to a caregiver at the start of a school day can all be frightening to experience when you’re very young and it’s all unfamiliar. When a young, unnamed black boy comes face to face with these situations, the world is a scary place to navigate until he learns, with the help of his caregivers, how to be brave.

Highly saturated colors come together with bold geometric shapes and a measured use of grain scatter textures to create extremely engaging illustrations in this empowering board book about facing your fears. Because the art is so geometric (rectangles and circles are used in abundance) parents will be able to easily point out shapes of varying sizes to aid their toddlers in shape recognition. Each page contains a single sentence, with each two page layout giving a before – what the character was afraid of – followed by an after – the character sharing the good or the comfort he was able to find in the situation. This title is perfect for caregivers hoping to convey to their little ones it is okay to be afraid but it’s also possible to move past fear.

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