Seven years ago the Atargatis was lost at sea with all hands. Their original mission was to film a mockumentary on mermaids for Imagine Entertainment. The shaky footage that was recovered looked straight out of a horror film. Now, seven years after incident with the Atargatis, a new expedition has formed. While the first undertaking didn’t expect to find anything, this new one knows what exactly what they’re looking for. They’ve dissected the footage, broken it down frame by frame. Along with scientists, leaders in their fields, they’ve brought along a security team, some with enough firepower to bring down the largest creatures in the world. But this begs the question: are they actually prepared to encounter monsters?

Mira Grant’s prose is dense, filled with scientific terms and exposition. It can make some pages drag but overall the story moves along at a quick pace. Readers are drawn into the story, especially with the foreshadowing of the conflict with the mermaids, and quickly burn through the pages.

The cast of characters assembled is unique and varied. The reader is presented with the viewpoints of multiple characters and there are several that stand out. Victoria, the main protagonist and the most sympathetic character, is excellent.

For those that appreciate horror and science fiction with a distinct, scientific emphasis, Mira Grant, pen name of author Seanan McGuire, is one to keep on your lists.

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