Twelve-year-old Miranda Cho is a straight-A student, president of the student council, and extremely practical. Her mother Kat is an eccentric cryptozoologist who drives a Critter Mobile and runs a blog called The Bigfoot Files. Miranda remembers her childhood belief in fairies and her fascination with Kat’s monster stories, but has put all that behind her. Now, she sees herself as the responsible adult in the pair and sets out to prove to her mother that Bigfoot does not exist. The two embark on a weekend trip that turns more dangerous than either of them expects.

If you like deep, emotional realistic fiction with a touch of fantasy and magical possibility, this book is a great choice. The author uses ample descriptive language to paint a picture of the physical setting; the lush wild trees and creatures of the forest. Likewise, Miranda’s complex emotions about her mother, her absent father, friendship problems, and obsessive-compulsive tendencies are depicted through intense internal dialogue. The plot picks up pace when Miranda and Kat become lost in the woods and have to rely on Kat’s skills and instincts to survive. The trip that was meant to convince Kat that Bigfoot does not exist may convince Miranda that what we can’t see or prove just might exist after all.

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