While cleaning out the garage with their parents, Jada and Jamal stumble upon an old tent, inspiring the idea for a backyard barbeque and camp-out. Their neighborhood friends, Carlita and Josh, will be invited. While preparing for the camp-out, the friends are presented with a mystery: Daisy, their neighbor’s beloved cat, has gone missing! Still, plans for the backyard party continue, and the four children, along with their parents, gather for s’mores and a campfire sing-along. While searching for sticks to roast marshmallows, the children hear a sound coming from the bushes. Could it be Daisy? The children use their flashlights to investigate and get a fun surprise!

Just 48 pages in length, this early reader is a perfect transition to chapter books. The story is interesting, yet simple enough for a young reader to follow. The illustrations by Michelle Henninger are colorful ink and watercolor. The details in the facial expressions and the scenery both support and add to the text. Especially refreshing in the Bradford Street Buddies books, of which there are currently three, in the friendly, multicultural neighborhood setting. Not only are the children great friends, but so are their parents, painting a picture of diversity, harmony, and cooperation.

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