In Rabbit Magic, Monsieur Lapin gets the surprise of his life: his assistant Houdini takes over the show!  Houdini the rabbit is the best assistant Monsieur Lapin has ever had; Houdini can do all the tricks and he trains the other rabbits. But one night Monsieur Lapin has an accident and when Houdini jumps in to help, he accidentally turns Monsieur Lapin into a rabbit!

McLaren’s use of pastels allows the magic show to really pop on the page. The illustrations complement the text by depicting the action in great detail.  Readers will laugh at the rabbits’ antics. The images perfectly fill the page, and the reader’s eye is drawn to whimsical details like the bunnies’ onesies. The font has a vintage feel that  fits well with story and illustrations. This book is a wonderful read for one-on-one storytime.

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