Abuela’s (Grandma’s) birthday is coming up and Sofia wants to make her a nice surprise for her big day: a piñata! With the help of her cousins, Sofia’s progress on the piñata moves along smoothly until Bella the cat gets involved. Things quickly get out of hand as Bella leaves a mess in her wake and Sofia is no longer sure Aunt Carmen will allow them to finish the piñata.

At 32 pages in length, this refreshingly diverse title (part of a series) is great for independent readers who are not yet ready to move on to heftier titles, but are well past reading books with a single sentence per page.  The moderately lengthy sentences are presented in a font that is reasonably large without feeling too young, and plentiful whitespace makes pages less intimidating than full blocks of text. The use of Spanish is sprinkled throughout, distinguished by colored text and clarified through contextual text, image clues, and a glossary in the back. The images themselves range in size from a quarter page or half page on average to a full page spread for the big event, and are colorfully bold in their execution. Writing and discussion prompts complete the book.

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