June 1 – July 31

This year, we’re taking Summer Learning to space—and cyberspace, with an online program you can complete from home!

All ages are welcome to participate, from babies to adults.

Ready to get started? Here’s how:

Report to online mission headquarters.

Visit our Beanstack site or download the Beanstack Tracker app for Android or iOS (Apple devices).

Register your crew members.

You can sign up everyone in your family—from babies to adults—using a single email and password! Set up one account, then add each reader. Use the Register an Individual or Family button on Beanstack to get started.

Blast off!

Each participant will complete reading goals and activities to earn badges and prizes! Logging your mission progress is easy with the Beanstack website or app.

Baby Challenge

Zoom zoom zoom, we’re going to the moon!

This year, we’ve added a special challenge for babies (0 – 24 months) and their caregivers!

Register for your mission

Sign up on Beanstack and add your baby as a reader* to begin your Summer Learning challenge together.

*All participants are known as “readers” in Beanstack, regardless of age.

If you’d prefer to keep track of your progress on paper, we’ve also created a paper log you can print and fill out as you go.

Read, sing, dance, play, and explore with your baby

Log reading and activities through the Beanstack site or app.

Earn each Logging Badge by reading 10 books with your baby. It counts to read the same book more than once!

Earn the Activity Badge by completing at least 5/10 fun activities together.

Win prizes

Prizes are awarded for reading 10 books and 30 books. Completing the other badges will earn you an entry into the prize drawing.

What books can you earn as prizes?
BABY Prize Books

Youth & Teen Challenge

Complete Reading & Activity Missions

We have created CHALLENGES for prereaders, readers, and teens to encourage exploring and learning this summer. Earn incentives and virtual badges by reading or being read to and completing activities. Whether it’s a physical book or an ebook, an audiobook or a graphic novel, all reading counts and helps keep kids’ and teens’ skills sharp and active throughout the summer.

Register and receive your mission

Each reader* added to Beanstack will be assigned to a Summer Learning challenge—Prereader, Reader, or Teen—based on age. Challenges consist of a series of badges that are earned by reading or finishing activities.

*Participants are known as “readers” in Beanstack, regardless of age.

If you’d prefer to keep track of your progress on paper, we’ve also created paper logs you can print and fill out as you go: Prereader Paper Log | Reader Paper Log | Teen Paper Log.

Log your mission progress

Log reading time and activities through the Beanstack site or app. Reading badges are awarded for every 2 hours of reading, and the activity badge is awarded for completion of 5/10 activities.

Collect prizes and drawing entries

Participants will earn a prize for 2 hours, 6 hours, and 10 hours of reading—and when all challenge badges have been completed!

Entries into our prize drawings are also awarded for 4 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours of reading.

What books can you earn as prizes?
READER Prize Books
TEEN Prize Books

Adult Challenge

Experienced Crew Members Wanted!

Adults, this mission is for you, too!

READ, REVIEW, and ATTEND—and log your progress online to earn virtual badges and entries into our prize drawing.

Register for your mission

Sign up on Beanstack and add yourself as an adult reader. Receive a $5 Amazon gift card just for joining the adult Summer Learning challenge! Gift cards will be emailed to you, so please enter a valid email address when registering.

If you’d prefer to log your progress in an alternate manner, you can contact Adult Services by email at [email protected] or phone at 630 869 6155 to share a list of books you’ve read, reviews, or comments on a virtual Library program you’ve watched on our YouTube channel.

Log your mission progress

Record the books you read to earn Logging Badges. Write reviews to earn Review Badges. Attend a virtual library program to earn an Activity Badge.

Enter the prize drawing

Each badge you earn gets you one entry into our prize drawing.

Color Your Own Book Rex

Local dinosaur goes to space… and your home!

Color your own Book Rex at home! Post Rex in your front window or take photos with Rex doing a variety of activities, then share them with us at [email protected].

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