Meeting Room Application

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Westmont Library card number


Telephone number

Contact person must be a Westmont cardholder over 18 years or age. Cardholders may reserve the meeting room up to 90 days in advance with a maximum of three reservations per 90 day period.

Reservation Details

Name of Organization (if applicable)

Date of Application

Date of Meeting

Start time (including set-up)

End time (including break-down)

Number expected to attend (not to exceed 70)

Organization's website address (if applicable)

Nature of meeting (please be specific)

Equipment Needed

Individuals who reserve the meeting room are responsible for setting up and cleaning the room and equipment before leaving.

I have read and agree to abide by the Library’s Meeting Room Use Policy and the following guidelines:

  • I understand I am financially responsible for any damages to the meeting room or equipment during the meeting resulting from negligence or willful misconduct.
  • I understand my name and number may be given out to any interested party.
  • I understand that any promotional material for this event may not indicate sponsorship by WPL.
  • I understand that I, the applicant, MUST attend the meeting, and check in and out with WPL staff.