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Print From Home

Send a document remotely, then visit the Library’s Computer Lab to print it OR pick it up through our Curbside Pickup service.

To send a document for curbside pickup:

  • Email your file as an attachment to [email protected]. Please include your name and library card number, if possible.
  • We will reply to confirm printing charges. If you accept the printing charges, they will be added as a bill to your Library account.
  • Come to the Library during curbside service hours and park in one of our designated curbside spaces. Call or text the listed number, and staff will bring your printed document(s) to you.

To send a document to print and pick up yourself in the Computer Lab:

Attention (1/21/2021): Our PrinterOn Service is currently experiencing issues with connecting to our printing system. Please email your prints to [email protected] for service.

Please note: Beginning Friday, November 20, the Computer Lab will be open exclusively to Westmont residents for one-hour sessions.

You have multiple options:

How to use the web printing page

  1. Click here to visit the web printing page.
  2. Under Printer, choose black and white ($0.10 per page) or color ($0.50 per page) printing. webprint-screenshot-1
  3. Enter your library card number or create a user name to identify your print job(s) under User Info. You will need this number or name later to retrieve your documents at the Library’s print kiosk. webprint-screenshot-2
  4. Choose a file from your computer by clicking Browse, or enter the URL of the webpage you wish to print in the text box under Select Documentwebprint-screenshot-3
  5. Click the arrow icon at the lower right to continue. webprint-screenshot-5
  6. Set the printing options, including the number of copies and pages to print. webprint-screenshot-6
  7. Click the arrow icon to continue. webprint-screenshot-5
  8. The webprint system will count the number of pages in your file. This may take a minute. You will know it has completed when the green printer icon appears.
  9. Send your file to the library print kiosk by clicking the green printer icon. webprint-screenshot-7
  10. Visit the print kiosk in our Computer Lab. webprint-kiosk-1
  11. To retrieve your print job(s), enter the number or name you provided on the web print page. If you entered your library card number, scan your library card; otherwise, tap Card Number/Webprint and enter the user name you provided. webprint-kiosk-2
  12. If you need to add money to your account, use the coin slot on the top of the kiosk or the bill slot at the bottom left.
  13. Select the files you wish to print from the list on the kiosk display.
  14. Tap Print Job(s) to finish printing your file.
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