Visit Zinio to check out interactive magazines on your computer or mobile device. Get the newest issues instantly, or browse past editions from your favorite magazines.

Visit Zinio.

Help & Instructions

For one-on-one assistance with using a service on your device or computer, Book a Librarian.

Check out magazines with Zinio

  1. Go to the library’s Zinio site (http://www.rbdigital.com/westmontil/service/zinio/landing) and Log in or Create New Account.
  2. Search or browse for magazines.
  3. To check out a magazine, click on the cover and select Checkout and Start Reading.
  4. Log in or Create a Zinio account if you don’t have one (you can use the same login information for both accounts).
  5. From your reading list, click on the cover of the magazine to begin reading.

Click here to view a PDF of these instructions.

Read magazines with Zinio for tablets and smartphones

  1. Download the Zinio app and login with your Zinio account.
  2. Tap on the Read button. Your checked out magazines will automatically sync to your device.
  3. Tap on the cover of a magazine to download and read.

Click here to view a PDF of these instructions.