Kabir was born in an Indian prison.  His mother, an inmate, is innocent, but she is also a member of the lowest Indian caste, poor, and without recourse to her situation.  Prison has been the only home Kabir has ever known, and now he has been told he must leave.  His father has not written to his mother in years.  Where has he gone?  Kabir, at the age of nine, must find his way in a world he has only seen on television.  He must figure out who to trust, how to survive, and if he can somehow help his mother finally be free.

In this story, Kabir must navigate homelessness and casteism. The author uses short paragraphs and chapters as if to reflect how Kabir must process this huge new world one small piece at a time.  He maintains an innocence and sweetness in his reflections on the world around him, like comparing all the beautifully colored saris to a rainbow.  Kabir has a strength of character we should all hope to find in ourselves.

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