Ghoulia longs for a real friend. Not that her trusted greyhound Tragedy isn’t doing a good enough job at it, but she wishes she could find friends she can just be herself with. The only problem is that Ghoulia is not like other children her age: she is a zombie girl. On top of her fears of scaring the other children away with her droopy eyelids and detachable appendages, she is forbidden from interacting with them by orders of her aunt, Auntie Departed. That’s why Ghoulia hatches a plan to finally introduce herself to a group of children using the opportunity of Halloween night to go out for a friend hunt. While her heart may not beat, it is certainly made of gold. This short, chapter book like story warms the heart and teaches of the importance of friendship and accepting people’s differences. Vivid illustrations with humorous supporting characters make this an excellent introduction to more challenging chapter books for younger readers.