Throughout history, black women – from virtual unknowns to luminaries – have been leading the way in medicine, law, the arts, sports and more, but they have not always been recognized for doing so. As time has marched on, these iconic women are finally starting to receive the accolades they so highly deserve.

Forty women are profiled while twelve are given honorable mentions in this charming biography collection. Name, years lived, and basic achievements are shared for all, though a full page illustration, a two-thirds page abbreviated life summary, and occupations are included only for the primary set. Because of space limitations, and the intended audience, the writing can gloss over or altogether leave out key information regarding these women. Nevertheless, the accessible writing sparks curiosity and offers inspiration to readers of all backgrounds. The individual entries also allow for easy read-alouds with pre-readers, and selective or portioned out reading by older elementary readers. The art is soft, with rounded, youthful edges, chalk-like drawings that provide further context, and soothing (often pastel) backgrounds. In order to allow readers to see themselves in the women, the faces of the figures were intentionally designed to be the same, with hair, clothes, and skin color adapted to each.  Further reading, watching, and listening resources are included in the back matter.