Marooned in a small country farm town, Abraham Slam and his family of strange heroes cannot leave. Their adventures in Spiral City woking as unlikely heroes seem like another life and quite possibly could be. When Lucy, daughter of the late Black Hammer, shows up seemingly out of nowhere, hopes become rekindled as the heroes look to return to their former lives. Lucy, however, begins to uncover stirrings of something much darker than what they have all imagined, and the heroes’ hopes and dreams begin to unravel.

Black Hammer won the Best New Series of 2017 Eisner award for good reason. Playing on what we all know of modern superheroes, Jeff Lemire makes choices similar to that of Alan Moore in the Watchmen series. These stories are not those of heroic glory, but strife, anger and sadness. For unknown reasons, forces beyond control have torn Abraham Slam and the others from the world they once knew into one perpetually full of shadow, highlighted by David Stewart’s superb color work. Questions get answered in a slow-burn, but the ebb and flow of Lemire’s story, back and forth through time and dimension, will leave readers guessing and hungry for more.