Kara Westfall is known as the witch girl. After her mother was trailed and killed for being a witch, Kara was left in her shadow. Growing up on an island where magic was always taught as evil and forbidden, Kara always thought the rumors about her mother were a lie. However, years later, she gets a pull of magic that cannot be ignored.  As she uncovers the underlying truth of her island home, her mother, and her own powers, Kara realizes not everything is as simple as good and evil.

The Thickety entices the reader from the very beginning with its careful and precise world building. The island setting is described in great detail throughout the book, giving it a realistic feel. The author takes his time introducing readers to the visuals, history, and characters’ backgrounds, sharing them at a steady pace rather than presenting everything simultaneously in the story’s introduction. Each character is given a full history, including why they came to the island or what,¬†through time, may have caused changes in personality. However, every time the story seems to find its grounding, new twists, turns, and plots follow, making this already lengthy book not quite lengthy enough for such a fantastical story.