This book is a collection of comics by the artist Sarah Andersen (better known as Sarah’s Scribbles to her online followers.) The book can really be split into two sections: the first is just a collection of random comics, dealing with topics ranging from animals to self esteem to relationships the second half is mostly dealing with the internet and what its like to be a new artist posting work on the wide world of social media. She discusses the great things about social media as well as the draw backs.

Sarah Andersen is a pro at really getting to the meat of an issue and laying it out simply. Her comics are ridiculously relatable and will make you laugh out loud at every turn of the page. It feels as if she pulled moments directly from my own life. It is an easy, light, and fun read. The book takes maybe an hour to get through, something you can pick up and read in one sitting. Even when dealing with serious issues, Sarah finds a way to bring out the funny side.