Morrigan Crow is cursed. After a life of being accused of causing other people’s misfortunes, Morrigan escapes her fate when a quirky man named Jupiter North selects her to be his candidate for the Wondrous Society. To get placed into the Wondrous Society, she must compete in four difficult and dangerous trials against hundreds of other children. If that wasn’t hard enough, she is facing deportation, arch enemies, and trying to find an extraordinary talent she is convinced she doesn’t have.

Nevermoor is a magical page turner full of imagination and twists. Each character, full of personality, comes to life and the richly described setting includes real-world locations to keep the story grounded. The climax leaves something to be desired but the overall story arch and characters are able to make up for it. Townsend does a great job at keeping the story flowing and finding small conflicts to introduce in order to keep each chapter exciting. Morrigan’s struggles range from the realistic, like not getting along with people, to the fantastical, like losing a shadow monster inside the hotel. A mix of Annie and Peter Pan, with its own twists and turns added, Nevermoor is a tale full of adventure and a touch of fright.

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