When a tornado strikes town, Ivy’s house is destroyed beyond repair. Feeling invisible and ignored in the aftermath of the storm, Ivy internalizes her trauma. To make matters worse, Ivy’s notebook has gone missing and someone has found it. Now her secret drawings are ending up in her locker with notes from an anonymous source. Through all the misfortune, Ivy develops a crush on the quirky girl in school and is unsure of what that means.

The realistic storyline speaks volumes about self-acceptance and is gripping throughout. It hooks readers with its disastrous start and remains riveting as it continues to work its way through a series of trials and questions children may have as they grow up. Ivy’s resilience and bravery are masterfully depicted through a third person narrator as she struggles with her identity and finding her place. The family dynamic is straightforward and written well through the heartbreak of the storm and the struggling truth of a growing family. The scenes are vivid and set the perfect tone for what comes next. Many disparate themes present themselves that manage to seamlessly work together to create a spectacular book on representation. This middle grade LGBTQ book sets the standards for the rest.

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