Fox and Pig are two friends who couldn’t be more different. Fox is little and Pig is big.  Our friend Fox loves to play tricks on Pig, but those tricks always end with Fox getting hurt. Trying to scare Pig, Fox hides in a box. Instead of scaring Pig, Fox ends up squished flat as a pancake. Beginning readers and caregivers will laugh when Fox gets tangled in his own tricks, a la Wile E. Coyote.

Jonathan Fenske’s bold comic style graphics will appeal to fans of Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie. Prominent black font delineates the chapters as parts one, two, and three, adding structure to the book.  Geometric dialogue bubbles use different colors to distinguish who’s talking and keeps the sentences short and manageable for beginning readers. This choice, along with eye-catching illustrations, introduce readers to the graphic novel format in an easy-to-follow way. Our characters stand out against minimal background, and readers must rely on the illustrations and text to build the story. Rhyming words allow young readers to explore sound combinations and enhances the silliness of our friends’ antics. A welcome choice for readers who enjoy mischief and humor.

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