Chiêu Anh Urban introduces caregivers and young readers to animal idioms in this newest board book. These familiar phrases are turned into a game, with playful clues leading you to guess which animal will appear next. Readers must rely on wordplay and a visual cue to guess the animals found in this book; this is best exemplified with the fox.  Readers are given the clues, “quick and cheeky, smart and sneaky. I’m as sly as a…”, with the turn of the page revealing a boldy illustrated fox along with the word, thus completing the idiom.  

This book is a thoughtful and fun exploration of colloquialisms from front to back. The pale blue cover, with the face of a mouse and the title’s use of a clean and modern font, gives readers a peek into the fun that will be had inside. The text for each idiom contains a rhyming pair of descriptive words which are highlighted using a vibrant color, while the text as a whole is often set against a bright color. Well planned cutouts add depth to the illustrations; when you turn the page with the Ox, yellow peeks through the cutouts and accents its nostrils. Sharing this book with your young readers will leave you over the moon!