Our friend, Pete the Cat, loses a tooth! Taking the advice of his mom, he puts the lost tooth under his pillow at night and waits for the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy, busy as ever, accepts Pete the Cat’s offer to help deliver coins in exchange for lost teeth. Pete the Cat gets a list of his friends’ names, and each exchange goes smoothly until he visits Gus the Platypus. When Pete the Cat looks for Gus the Platypus’s tooth, it is missing: the tooth is lost! Our hero searches everywhere for the tooth, only to learn something new.

Enjoy James Dean’s iconic style with this newest addition to the Pete the Cat series for early readers. Dean’s illustrations are vibrant paintings that often fill the entire page. Pete the Cat’s deep blue coat exemplifies the author/illustrator’s rich color pallet. Each illustration adds to the story and characters. On one page we see Pete the Cat waiting for the tooth fairy with one eye open; this shows his playful personality. The crisp font complements the modern aesthetics of the illustrations and allows young readers to pick out words as they read this story’s short and simple sentences.