With sunset and moonrise, Mr. Moon is ready to oversee the hustle and bustle of nighttime. Sheep must be counted while the stars come out to entertain. Mr. Moon watches over the bebop alley cats and roaming ghosts. A young boy asks for Mr. Moon’s company, and slips into dreamland just as the sun begins to rise.  

Enjoy Michael Paraskevas’ vibrant digital illustrations and fanciful take on familiar bedtime images. Young readers and their caregivers will grin at Paraskevas’ space cows and tap-dancing stars. His bright and bold pallet adds to the playfulness found in the different scenes, like a mother raccoon making pancakes for a midnight breakfast. The reader’s eye is drawn to Paraskevas’ lighthearted text, which stands out in white against the full-page illustrations. Paraskevas’ dialogue between Mr. Moon, Miss Sun, and the other characters adds to the development of Mr. Moon’s kindhearted personality. Sentences vary in length and are enhanced by the illustrations. An example of this is found in the illustration that accompanies the sentence, “The sheep should be counted.” Readers see sheep with nightcaps preparing for nighttime. This book is a wonderful choice to share together as your little one gets ready to count sheep.