On a rainy Saturday morning, a young girl decides to take a walk to her local library to check out some books. With each book she picks up, the stories’ characters come out and continue with her on her journey around the library. After picking up many books and meeting with the librarian, she ponders over what book she wants to checkout. As the library continues to fill up with storybook characters, she must decide on her final choice to take home.

Beautifully muted color illustrations and light text adorn The Library Book, a blissful story about the amazing adventure of visiting libraries. The library illustrations are exquisitely detailed and the storybook characters are realistically captured as they make their appearance on each page. Characters come to life in the spirited drawings and via their dialogue as the young girl interacts with them. The text reflects the different angles of each image, creating a pleasant flow from page to page, and the writing follows a rhyme scheme. The front and back cover have sheet music, allowing the reader to turn the text into a song. This is a great book to show how reading stories can lend itself to using your imagination.

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