As women everywhere are falling asleep and growing a cocoon-like gauze over their bodies, Eve Black emerges in Dooling, a small Appalachian town. After attacking a set of drug dealers, she winds up in the county prison under the supervision of Clint Norcross, the prison’s psychiatrist. When it is discovered that she does not fall asleep like the other women, it is up to Clint to keep her safe from the growing chaos outside of the prison walls. In another Dooling, the women awake and are faced with the ultimate decision: what Dooling will they call home?

Sleeping Beauties reads like a classic Stephen King novel. The story is told from various characters who all live in the same small town. The reader is brought back and forth in time, to discover the story from everyone’s perspective as events unfold. The authors bring a classic horror story into the modern day by highlighting current issues in our society: racism, women’s rights, mental health, and the issues within the prison system. This novel draws in the reader as if they are one of the women of Dooling and leaves them with the important question: if given a choice, would you choose to start over?