Wallace and Grace are owls, best friends, and business partners. Together they run the Night Owl Detective Agency and solve mysteries for all kinds of woodland creatures. In this story, Wallace and Grace use plenty of teamwork and deductive reasoning to help a rabbit friend named Edgar solve the problem of a ghost haunting his garden.

Wallace and Grace Take the Case is divided into four chapters averaging 20 pages each, for a combined total of 71 pages. Laura Zarrin’s frequent, bright illustrations complement Heather Alexander’s humorous text, and the combination keeps the story interesting without becoming visually cluttered. Playful, purposeful changes of font will keep readers engaged and entertained, especially when they coincide with important details like Wallace’s scribbled handwriting or some humorous onomatopoeia. As a fast-paced character-driven story, Wallace and Grace Takes the Case is a great introduction to both chapter books in general and the mystery genre in particular. Readers who enjoy this book will want to look out for the second in the series, Wallace and Grace and the Cupcake Caper!