Beth finds herself hating Washington, D.C. after she moves there for her husband Matt’s career. Matt will be working in the White House under the Obama administration, but she has no idea what she is going to do with her life. In the middle of figuring things out, Matt and Beth become best friends with Matt’s coworker Jimmy, and his wife Ashleigh. The four are inseparable, but when Jimmy gets the opportunity to run for office before Matt, all of their lives will be turned upside down. Now living in Texas, Beth is faced with finding herself, and figuring out if her marriage will last.

The Hopefuls tells a real life story of a young couple trying to make through the trials of life. Moving for a spouse’s job, jealousy of other couples their age, growing apart from stress, and examining how they got to this place in life, are just some of the themes readers will tackle alongside the main characters. The reality of their lives keeps the reader connected. But, what disconnects the reader towards the end of the story is Beth, and her inability to take control of her own life. Throughout the story Beth is an equal to Matt, but towards the end their dynamic shifts in a way that does not seem relatable anymore. Readers will find themselves frustrated with Matt for his actions, but more at Beth for deciding to relinquish control of her own life.

The Hopefuls is an easy, quick read for those who are looking for a light read.